There are no teachers anywhere near where I live and so on a lark I tried using Skype to see if your sessions would help. I’m an amateur singer and do some public speaking for my firm and was always ill at ease in front of an audience. You were able to guide me through some very effective methods that enabled me to feel at ease in those situations. Also – a sort of bonus – my speaking and singing voice improved a great deal. – Suzzie Chu, Marketing Executive, Taipei, Taiwan

Robert has an excellent eye and is very thorough and patient.  His Alexander Technique directions can be easily applied, and because of our lessons, I am a healthier musician and person as a whole. This has been exciting work for me and I plan on continuing. Robert teaches with enthusiasm and passion! – Margaret Wronka Moeckel, pianist and organist – Hamburg, New Jersey

Here are some podcasts with my students about their experiences with distance learning:

John Riley, an attorney in Seoul, Korea:


Susan Kroger, an educator and author in the Detroit, Michigan area:


Linda Ross, a retired attorney in Anacortes, Washington:


Mavis Curry, retired and a volunteer teacher in Des Moines, Iowa:


Frank McNellis, school counselor in Sarasota, Florida:

You can also listen to several other podcasts about Alexander Technique distance learning here.

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During a time when in-person Alexander lessons were not available to me I have found lessons on Skype to be extremely valuable. Using Skype, Robert was able to view me during activity and even monitor the volume of my footfalls! I was able to share my own observations during activity and get immediate feedback as well as responses to any questions I had. – Frank McNellis, school counselor in Sarasota, Florida and adjunct professor at Webster University.

I am very happy I was able to begin my first Alexander Method sessions with Robert through Skype. I am the kind of person who is willing to learn on my own. I also appreciative having an expert to consult and help shorten the learning process. Skype and the Alexander technique website gave me the best of both worlds. I was able to get personal assessment and instruction and then assume responsibility for putting it into practice.Mavis Curry, retired, and a volunteer teacher, Des Moines, Iowa