Using the Principles of the Alexander Technique

These videos provide basic information about Alexander Technique directions, and how you can use them to sit, stand and go through life with greater ease and efficiency. They are useful for anyone prepared to engage in a bit of self-experimentation, and they can they can supplement Alexander Technique lessons, classes, or online coaching. Your comments and questions are most welcome – please send them to me here:

Very useful shows, thank you. I found the recent Freedom Direction ‘I am free’ helpful at all times – even in the dentist’s chair whilst undergoing surgery. I appreciate too your emphasis on applying directions with a light touch. Your hints in this regard, such as how you might notice a piece of furniture, are great. – Ian Stone, London England

My inspiration for this project comes from the Kahn Academy’s goal of “flipping the classroom” by posting free online courses in just about any topic imaginable, thereby freeing up classroom time for questions, discussion and more in-depth and interactive learning. Audio versions or these instructional videos, from the Alexander Technique Podcast, are available for listening or downloading here.

Thank you for the “Kahn Academy style” series of 6 videos. I love them. I am a very new student, one lesson, some reading, coming from tango dancing as my entry point and I’m captivated. Just want to encourage further video series. Rebecca Stauffer, Bayside, California

If these videos have been helpful to you, please consider making a donation by using the button below.  This will allow me to create additional instructional videos, with higher quality audio and video, and to purchase the equipment necessary to make more dynamic videos that demonstrate Alexander Technique principles and teaching procedures.

These videos are great! I spent about an hour experimenting with the directions and I can sense already that they’re working.  I wish I had learned about how to use directions from my Alexander Technique teacher. Lori Burker, Los Angeles, California

It will be very helpful if you can easily pause these videos in order for you to do the short experiments being described.


Lesson 1: Exploring and Testing a Freedom Direction

Lesson 2: The Power of Lightness

Lesson 3: The Challenge of Success

Lesson 4: Two New Freedom Directions

Lesson 5: When and how often to use Directions

Lesson 6: Using Paradoxical Directions